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Bs En 13670 Pdf Download lanelavy


Bs En 13670 Pdf Download

References Category:Cement Category:Building materials Category:Saint-Gobain materialsQ: How to change the view in case of failure? I have a Spring MVC app. It returns an error status code 200 with the default View name error.jsp How do I change the error.jsp name? A: The view name is most likely hardcoded in your WEB-INF/views file. You should be able to change that in your Spring configuration. If you don't want to change anything in the WAR file, you have to change the Spring error view, by either adding some mapping to the root webapp, adding a special dispatcher servlet or overriding the ErrorViewResolver singleton. The last one would look like this: @Override protected String[] getErrorViewNames() { return new String[] { "error.html" }; } The views are directly matched to the controller name, so if the view "error.html" is matched to a controller with name "error", the view gets rendered. More information can be found in the Spring Reference manual. A: You should configure a custom error view resolver, for example, like this: A: Go to your spring mvc config file. In the above example if you want to change the error.jsp name, you will need to update the value of prefix and suffix property. Q: How can I tell if an riddle is a riddle or not? When I come across an riddle of which I haven't seen one before, it usually takes three to five seconds for me to get the solution, if at all, so I know that the solution is relatively straightforward. Sometimes, though, I'll come

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Bs En 13670 Pdf Download lanelavy

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